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OUR MISSION:Community Caring in Bridgewater, Inc, (CCB) is a non-profit program providing a referral system of services and support (both general and emergency) for the 400+ households with at least one resident who is age 50 or over in Bridgewater, Connecticut.  This community program is in addition to the services provided by the

Town of Bridgewater.

Our goal is to make it possible for seniors and their families to stay in their homes independently and fully enjoy life here while having access to the care and resources needed as they grow older.  CCB, in conjunction with the New Milford Hospital and the Visiting Nurses Association of New Milford, hopes to become the pilot project for other smaller towns in Connecticut and surrounding areas wishing to assist their senior residents.

There is no membership fee required to access our services.

People at CCB



Cheryl Johnson – President/Secretary/Treasurer



Board of Directors


Joseph D. Buchheit - Co-chair Chores Committee

Cheryl L. Johnson

Alex McNaughton - Co-chair Chores Committee

Andrea Wilson

Elizabeth MacDonald 


Ashli Feather

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