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Chore Services


Got a window that is tough to open?  A door that is tough to close?  Still need to get that air conditioner out of the window for winter?  Maybe a light bulb has burned out somewhere that requires climbing a ladder?  Is your Smoke detector chirping and you don't know how to make it stop?  These are all chores we can help you with.  Give us a call -- we can help.


CCB will either coordinate chores or arrange household services, for instance we:


  • Provide volunteer assistance for basic chores.

  • Work with local schools to coordinate student volunteer work and community service

  • Maintain a list of verified referral for household activities, including daily chores, visitation and seasonal assistance.

  • Compile list of interested services providers.  All contractual arrangements will be directly between the service providers and senior service recipients.

  • Arrange for Home Energy and Safety Assessments.



Please contact us today for more information or to volunteer.

Phone:  (860) 350-2194


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