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Senior Energy

Senior Home Energy Assessment

and Safety Review Program



Since 2010, CCB has sponsored the Senior Home Energy Assessment & Safety Review program.  This unique program provides an average of $800 worth of services at no charge to Bridgewater homes with at least one resident over 50 years of age. The participation in this program has now reached almost 20% of our senior population!



The following video presentation was prepared by New England Smartenergy (our partner in performing Home Energy Assessments for seniors) to show what is done during a home energy assessment:




The service includes:


  1. Air sealing – Stop drafts.  Be comfortable.  Save money.

  2. Duct sealing – Save up to 20% on heating and cooling.

  3. Insulation evaluation – Heat & cool your house, not the neighborhood.

  4. Appliances Inspection – Are your old appliances energy hogs?

  5. Heating and Cooling System Evaluation – How efficient are you?

  6. Hot water savings measures – Replacement showerheads, pipe insulation

  7. Lighting – A CFL bulb can save you up to $12/year.  Get up to 25 free CFLs.

  8. Various safety checks of your home:

  • Check for mold

  • Check for asbestos

  • Check for CO levels

  • Check for gas leaks 


Follow-on work provided by CCB after a Senior Home Energy Assessment and Safety Review includes:


  1. Replacement of Smoke detectors (not hard-wired) and carbon monoxide detectors over 10 years old.

  2. Replacement of Smoke detector batteries.

  3. Appropriate safety repairs.



Please contact us today for more information or to sign up for our next round of home visits.


Phone:  (860) 350-2194








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